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Spouses involved in marital disputes will have to make a complete list of mobile brand, wrist watch, pen, salary given to domestic helpers, festival and festival expenses and to present before the court their actual income. To be fixed.

In a directive issued by the Delhi High Court on Thursday, it is mandatory to give a detailed statement of assets of the couple, a detailed affidavit related to income and expenses, to ascertain their actual income and maintenance expenses, permanent living expenses and joint assets. The authority can be decided.

Justice J. R. Midha believed that special attention should be paid to the matrimonial field of justice and the decisions related to care expenses should be expeditiously decided. He asked the lower courts to expedite the care proceedings and try to get them decided within the stipulated time. The High Court said in its 79-page order, "It is the job of the court to decide the correct income of the parties and pass appropriate orders in the matter related to care." Truth is the cornerstone of justice.

Justice based on truth is the basic feature of the judicial system. People will have faith in the courts only on the victory of truth. Only justice based on truth will bring peace in the society. ”The court said that it believed that the law should include a rule to file a detailed affidavit of assets, income and expenses by the parties in the prescribed format and asked the central government to He should consider this suggestion. It praised the support of senior advocate Sunil Mittal, court associate Anu Narula and Akshay Chaudhary, who researched the law.

The court said that it has seen the filing of affidavits of property, income and expenses in matrimonial disputes in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and South Africa and has included some important questions and documents in the format. The High Court issued instructions in 2015 and set the format for filing affidavits of assets, income and expenses by spouses. The court subsequently changed the instructions and format in May and December 2017.

Delhi High Court 

Kusum Sharma vs Mahinder Kumar Sharma
Case No. FAO 369 year 1996
Date of decision: 6 aug 2020

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