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IPC Section 507. Criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication

IPC Section 507. Criminal intimidation by an anonymous communication Category of Bare Act Name of…

Principles governing need to obtain sanction under Section 197 Cr P C to prosecute public servants

The protection given under Section 197 Cr P C is to protect responsible public servants against the…

I want to know that anyone report FIR against me

In India First Information Reports are uploaded on the website of the respective police departmen…

Maintenance of wife|Husband doesn’t have to pay maintenance in each of the proceedings under different Maintenance laws [Explainer on Supreme Court guidelines]

Supreme Court : The bench of  Indu Malhotra**  and R. Subhash Reddy, JJ   has framed guidelines …

Is demand for financial help to improve business is an offence under 498a i.p.c?

It must be stated forthright that the demand of money for any purpose from the wife can be termed a…

Alteration in Allowance or Maintenance with case law, section 127 crpc

The power under Section 127 Crpc flows from Section 125 Crpc itself, any person who receives, a mo…

How to defend a false 498A and 406 case in court?

If false cases under sections 498a and 406 of the Indian Penal Code have been filed against you by …

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