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How to defend a false 498A and 406 case in court?

If false cases under sections 498a and 406 of the Indian Penal Code have been filed against you by …

The uses of five writs - Indian Constitution

Article 32(2) provides for the writ jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in India. Similarly, writ jur…

Does an accused have a right to get copy of the FIR registered by police?

Yes, the accused person is entitled to get a copy of the FIR registered against him on payment of t…

What are the limitation period of taking cognizance of Offence?

Question:  Is there any period of limitation for taking cognizance of offences under the Criminal…

High court Ordered to Released Dr. Kafil Khan | Quashed the charges of NSA

Dr Kafeel Khan cleared of NSA charges, Allahabad High Court calls extension of detention illegal …

Guj HC │ Anticipatory bail granted in dowry death case; Court allows application

Gujarat High Court:  A.J. Desai, J., allowed an application of anticipatory bail in connect…

Supreme Court Judgement | Anticipatory Bail

The Supreme Court has recently held that the protection of anticipatory or pre-arrest bail cannot…

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