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MyRights Provide free legal and law tips and tutorial for litigation of all level read by over 5 million people per month since 2020 for litigants. We Provide tips for fighting against false case specially matrimonial disputes like dowry, domestic violence, maintenance, Divorce, property dispute, check bounce and other cases.


MyRights consists of a team of lawyers and Fighter hell-bent on figuring out ways to make law more accessible. While the lack of access to affordable and timely legal support cuts across all sectors, classes amongs the people in India

MY rights advocates, fighter and people that including technology and can manage the majority of legal issues by themselves efficiently if they are equipped with basic knowledge and resources. A major focus area of My rights has been researching and developing resources through blogging, educational resources, workshops, and interactive software that People can use themselves as aid during decision making.

FAQs | MyRights

What is My Rights ?

My Rights is a prominent People Rights Organiation in India. Its fights for human rights, education, Social Rights of People and seeks to protect them and their families from Govt sponsored undemocratic social experiments.

What is the Mission of My Rights?

My Rights mission is to expose and create awareness about large scale violations of Civil Liberties and Human Rights in the name of misuse of law in India. My rights works for reaching Justice in India and the world and create awareness in society

What does My Rights do?

My Rights provides guidance and support to victim and their families, who face false cases and harassment by Govt. sponsored undemocratic social experiments .

Does My Rights charge a fee for its membership?

No. My Rights does not charge a fee for its membership or for attending its weekend meetings.

What are Political views of My Rights?

My Rights is not aligned to any political party in India. MyRights is not aligned to conservatives or socialists. MyRights is libertarian and believes in smaller Governments and very limited interference of Govts in personal lives and choices of people. Sometimes, My Rights members and leaders may get in touch or share platforms with people of other political affiliations, that does not mean we support views of those people and political parties. MyRights is also a secular organisation.

Rahul Sharma, Founder & CEO

It was one peculiar day when Rahul began to question his existence. He saw people around his not getting the same high-end privileges as he got. He felt dropped faces of people whenever he got back to his hometown. It felt like every time, the spring of his heart shedding its leaves. He questioned the prevailing legal and education system. And that is where he decided to take control of the situation and built MyRights that can subtly curb the burgeoning issues of legal and education. That’s how the venture MyRights started. He considers every possible solution and provides answers with the best refined resources.
Rahul saw around his that most of the people are facing false litigation by opponent who pollute the pure stream of justice and society to achieving his/her personal goal so he decide to established another online platform named "MyRights" which provide free online legal tips & tutorial,  and make law more accessible for people.

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