June 26, The Supreme Court (SC) of India has admitted the petition of parent's associations of eight States including Uttarakhand for preventing the private schools from charging the fees of lockdown period. 

SC accepts PIL by parents association on school fees

These associations have moved to the Supreme Court seeking its intervention on the autocratic behaviour of the private schools and the problem faced by the parents during the lockdown period.

The parents associations of Uttarakhand are not satisfied by the recent order of the High Court in which it had allowed the private schools to charge the tuition fees from the parents if they are holding online classes.

After the order of court the education department of Uttarakhand had also said that the schools can charge from the parents for online classes and any other academic activity done through online platforms. The president of the National Association for Parents and Student Rights (NAPSR) Arif Khan said that the association is not happy with the decision of Uttarakhand High Court dated June 22 and has filed a petition with the other associations in the Supreme Court.

He said that the associations of Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Odisha, Maharashtra and Delhi have filed a joint petition in the SC which has been accepted by the apex court. Khan said that associations want that a regulatory authority should be constituted by the states for the private schools.

He said that a ban should be imposed on the online classes. The association also wants that the schools should remove no student from the school on the ground of non deposition of fees

[Click Here to Download the Petition]

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