I want to know that anyone report FIR against me
In India First Information Reports are uploaded on the website of the respective police department. One can find it either with the name of the complainant or with the name of the accused. Here some official website of respective police department are given:

Uttar Pradesh Police
Delhi Police
Madhya Pradesh Police
Maharastra Police
Bihar Police
Jharkhand Police
Chhattisgarh Police
Hariyana Police 
Himanchal Pradesh Police
Rajasthan Police

You can search on google type "online view FIR" with name of respective State and you can also view any court proceedings initiated against you on ecourt official website

Further, Under section 41A Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 as amended up to date, if the offence is punishable up to 7 years or less then that it is incumbent upon the police to issue a notice of appearance of the accused person before the Officer in Charge of the police station or the Investigating Officer for the interrogation or to know the other side of the story.

It is difficult to prove the mental harassment as the sensitivity of a person varies from mind to mind. However, if the harassment is up to such an extent that the person has gone to the extent of depression and/or has broken so much that she will cause harm to herself and has gone for psychiatric or psychological treatment, then there are positive hope of assuming the mental harassment.

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